About Us

In this modern age of instant communication, it seem like there is an excess of information (not all of it true or useful). People have always carried strong opinions, now with the Internet, many people have set up shop and offer their opinions on all sorts of stuff. So much of it is biased and misleading. A lot of people missed out on one of the most powerful bull markets in history. Some of those bears were blinded by their own political beliefs. We cut down such rhetoric and offer you a balanced approach. The financial world has been filled with reckless predictions and wild theories — espoused by anyone that cares to offer up the information. We are dedicated to seeking the truth and anticipating trends.

There is an old saying that goes something like this: “Distrust a man that claims to know the truth. Trust a man that seeks the truth.” We are students of history. People have made the same mistakes over and over again for generations. That is manifested in the economy and the financial markets in the endless cycles of bubbles and the bursting of bubbles. We see it as our duty to prepare subscribers for what lies ahead. They are already beleaguered with information and opinions. It can all become overwhelming — leading to what some people call “paralysis by analysis.” We do the hard work for you so that you do not have to become bogged down with media coverage and agenda-driven commentaries. We look at the big picture. By focusing on broad trends in the economy and the markets, we help subscribers to anticipate events and thus help them to position their investments and their business decisions to benefit before those trends reach the headlines.

When Adrian Van Eck was young, he worked as a paperboy. He used to arrive at work early in the morning, so he could read the entire paper from front to back. With experience, he came to understand how some of the biggest stories impacting the nation and the world would often start buried deep in the paper, with hardly any details or importance placed on the story. Slowly but surely though, events would take shape. Adrian found that by the time the news made the front page — with big bold headlines — it was too late for most people to benefit from the trends. Adrian trained his son Jonathan Van Eck from the cradle to work in this industry. Jonathan worked by his side for decades and that expertise is still helping subscribers to get ahead of events and trends. We have often heard from subscribers that say their friends, family and colleagues are impressed with how they were able to cut through the noise and put their finger on the truly important changes and trends in the economy and markets before they became big news. We are still doing that today for our readers! We feel a deep connection to our long-time subscribers and consider them to be more than just customers. They are more like family and we are dedicated to helping them to both grow and protect their wealth.