Our Exclusive Hotlines


Van Eck Hotline on Money and the Economy

Our flagship hotline! Discusses recent economic news and the political landscape. Cuts through the bull and offers subscribers perspective on what is really happening with money and the economy. Delves into the policies of Ben Bernanke and the Fed. Offers invaluable insights that can help you to prepare for trends big and small.
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MetalsOilVan Eck Precious Metals and Oil Hotline

Now entering its third decade, this hotline offers analysis of the fundamentals of gold, silver and the energy markets. Looks at supply and demand and also takes technicals into consideration. Maintains portfolios that have far outperformed the sector indices and the mutual funds. Uses the volatility to help subscribers make money.
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Tillman Stock and Bond Hotline

Published for more than 20 years. Gets in front of market trends. Focuses on economic conditions, corporate profits, investor sentiment and money flows. Willing to make near-term calls on the market but always has a sense of the big picture and where stocks and interest rates are headed for the long haul.
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